Our mission is to help guide people towards Jesus by entering the Straight Gate and going down the Narrow Way, with the goal of reconciling with our Father in Heaven. The same Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.


Objection to the sculpture titled “Now” and “Witness” created by Shahzia Sikander, commissioned by the Madison Square Park Conservancy and the Public Art University of Houston System It has come to the attention of reign of the heavens Society Temple, (hereinafter: Temple) the Two (2) sculptures titled “Now” and “Witness” created by Shahzia Sikander, (hereinafter […]

Objection to the Rape and Grooming of Children by the United Methodist Church

Objection to the rape and grooming of children by the United Methodist Church and other Church organizations pushing, “Coming out Sunday,” “Queer Holiness,” “Divine Queerness,” or any of the other false claims coming from alleged “Woke” Pastors. The United Methodist Church, other organizations, and establishments have been infiltrated by Men Dressed as Women (hereinafter, “Rapists”) […]